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The Heartfall farm is situated in the South of Närke, on the shore of the beautiful Heart Lake (Hjärtasjön). The farm is only a distance of 200 kilometres from the Capital Stockholm, just in between Örebro and Norrköping. In old Swedish "fall" means "a place where you have taken down trees". The name of the farm, Heartfall (Hjärtafallet) is since the farm is just of the seashore of Heart Lake.

This area is unspeakable beautiful with it's big natural forest preserves. Some of the trees are over 400 years old. There is plenty of small lakes, rivers, flowering fields and a rich wildlife. Animals such as eagles, dears, lynx and elks are often seen here. The climate is very good for the horses. In summer time it is warm, dry with a nice breeze keeping the flies away. In winter it's a dry cold with a lot of snow.

You are more than welcome to visit us!

Always the best,

Wilda & Lasse

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