(Champo x Barburka)
Mare, bay, 1994

Breeder: Lars & Annika Nilsson
Owner: Åsa Sandström, Nora, Sweden

Blommeröd's B-lines & Janów Podlaski's P-lines

We are very proud of our beautiful and aristocratic BAGUETTE! She has an impressive pedigree with MONOGRAMMA, ASWAN, ALGOMEJ and with a mix of Blommeröd's wonderful B-lines and Janów Podlaski's famous P-lines. Baguette has fantastic movements and a very lovely horsenality!


HF Bastian

(Magic Magnifique x Baguette)

HF Karthago

(Rohara Arian Spartan x Baguette)

HF Glorius Otto

(Glorius Apal x Baguette)
Champo Mamluk Aswan
Chatalia Euben
Barburka Pepi Celebes
Basla Algomej

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